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Large media companies are seeing tangible sales results being delivered…

"The Digital Forecast has been incredibly positive for me in a number of ways. It’s easy to access and process a new forecast request and the data is returned very fast. It provides a real opportunity to discuss solid return on investment with a customer with clear results that cannot be challenged, the ROI results are all dependant on them being honest with their answers. Forget talking product, we can now more easily talk to strategy, goals and results and I love it! As a salesperson I also feel that the platform gives us the strength and greater professionalism in market that I know most of our competitors don’t have in this space. I have found that this way of selling is the closest to how I have always sold however in the past mainly used Google Keyword Planner to talk to ROI and now I can take it to the next step. Finally, it encourages 12 month sales rather than ad hoc selling."

Sue C.

"I was very excited to be able to start using the Digital Forecast as one of my pain points with closing new businesses was the return on investment conversation. Giving an approximate figure was sometimes difficult to work out and I wasn’t confident in having the conversation. What I love about the Digital Forecast is that it takes the customers actual figures and generates an accurate report to go through. I love that is removes the need for a proposal and allows for a genuine conversation with the customer about realistic expectations from the strategy. It’s been especially good with customers who are analytic and all about the numbers. I believe the Forecast has been the main reason for quite a few of my sales especially where high value products have been bundled. Customers don’t question removing products to reduce the price when they can see the return the entire strategy will give them. Its an extremely easy tool to use and customers are amazed that I can generate them such an accurate report, I’ve had it mentioned to me multiple times that we are 10 steps ahead of our competition with this product."

Jo C.

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