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Forecast your digital marketing to track & boost your ROI

Track, measure and assess your return on investment in one simple dashboard

Cashflow forecast for your digital marketing

Control your digital marketing, forecast your outcomes, track actuals and boost your ROI

How many times have you burned through cash on marketing activities that simply didn’t generate a return?

Do you need a way to keep your marketers honest & a way to track the value they are delivering?

Do you know how to forecast your return on investment? Future predictors can help you spend correctly & scale.

Are you sick of endless reports with vanity metrics that don’t mean anything to your business success?

Do you find yourself asking...

Why doesn't my digital marketing work?
Why are my competitors getting ahead?
How do I justify this ongoing cost?
What's the value of the marketing I'm doing?

With a background in agency marketing for clients we’ve been running and managing campaigns for years. As part of our systemised approach to online marketing the number 1 metric we track and report on is ROI. Our belief is that if it doesn’t generate a return why are you doing it. Unfortunately time and time again we have clients coming to us at their wits end with digital marketing.

That's why we created digitalforecast

The very first place you should start when marketing your business online is ROI. You don’t need to know anything about marketing. All you need to know is that if you engage a service provider or you do it yourself it needs to generate a return. You will be able to scale your marketing and be confident to spend more when you know your numbers. That’s why we’ve made it super simple to not only track your ROI but create a forecast to predict future success to make decisions and measure your actual performance. It’s like a cashflow forecast but for your digital marketing.

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Our platform features to boost your ROI

Create Your Digital Marketing Forecast
Create your digital marketing forecast

Using a proven method and structure we give you the framework to build your very own digital marketing forecast. It will show you potential audience sizes, traffic you can drive, conversion rates & bottom line ROI numbers.

Personalised To Your Business
Personalised to your business

All the data is personalised and takes into account your industry and marketing benchmarks. You can see an ROI number that uses your business data & helps you make accurate decisions.

Simple Modifiers
Simple modifiers

Use your forecast with simple modifiers and see what happens if you change your budget or boost your conversion rate. These smart modifiers can be implemented at different times of the year or to affect the entire forecast.

Multiple Forecasts
Multiple forecasts

Create multiple forecasts for different scenarios and compare the difference in your marketing spend and the impact it can have on your business & the bottom line.

Compare Actual Data
Compare actual data

Compare your actual data to your forecast and see where you need to improve. Is your conversion rate down? Are your traffic numbers down? Are you not generating the right type of audience in line with industry benchmarks. Track your actual return to your forecast and get a deeper insight into your marketing.

Smart Integrations
Smart integrations

Don’t want to manually enter data? With our smart integrations we can automatically sync all your data so your actual forecast is populated ongoing. it allows you to measure and track your performance and save time.

Visually Measure ROI & Breakeven Points
Visually measure ROI & breakeven points

In one simple snapshot you can see how your marketing is tracking in comparison to your forecast. Using direct and customer lifetime value calculations you will be able to see if your marketing companies work is having an impact.

Alerts & Notifications
Alerts & notifications

Simple alerts and notifications will let you know when you should input your sales data and measure your digital marketing ROI. Make better decisions and invest in marketing that will generate the best outcomes for your business.

Expert Integration, Setup & Forecasting
Expert integration, setup & forecasting

Need help? Let our team setup all your analytics, tracking and a personalised forecast so you have all the best and most relevant data at your fingertips.

Timely Reports
Timely reports

Create reports for management, service providers and yourself at the click of the button. You can also automate them so you have all the appropriate data available when you need it to make that next marketing decision.

Why digitalforecast?

We created digitalforecast as it is something we’ve used on client campaigns for a few years now. We believe that every business owner should have the right information when marketing online. You don’t need to be in the dark and you can take back control. If somebody is selling or providing you digital marketing services you now have the tool to measure what they are doing for your business.

You are able to measure the one thing that really matters. What impact is this marketing having on your sales, bottom line and your profitability? Get the data and track what is most important. Forget about vanity metrics and things like rankings, traffic, clicks, likes & followers. Focus on ROI and skyrocket your digital marketing.


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