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Boost your return on investment
by forecasting, tracking & measuring it

Generate more leads & increase sales (but do it profitably)



Build your own personalised
digital marketing forecast

Answer 9 simple questions and let our platform build you a personalised digital marketing forecast. It will show you potential audience sizes, traffic you can drive, marketing spends, conversion rates & easy to understand return on investment numbers.

Implement modifiers
to boost your return

Using simple modifiers you can see what happens to your marketing return on investment when you increase your ad spend, implement different ways to drive an audience, retarget visitors or boost your conversion rate.

Track important
marketing metrics

Once you’ve created your forecast you can track your actual performance and measure your outcomes in comparison to your forecast. Are you driving less traffic or is your conversion rate suffering? Tracking the sales your marketing is generating gives you a clear picture on what impact it is having on your bottom line. Our platform does all the heavy lifting for you.

Understand your
breakeven points

Visually understand exactly how many sales you need to generate from your marketing spend to make it worthwhile. If you’re struggling to understand the value of your digital marketing we can show it to you in black and white.

Different scenarios

Forecast multiple scenarios and compare the cost and return on investment outcomes. What happens if you only invest into Facebook adverts? What about if you are interested in driving traffic through organic search? Every possible scenario and multiple combinations gives you the data to make the right marketing decisions.


We automate all your tracking so you have more time
to measure, assess & boost your return on investment!

Ready to understand & track your return
on investment?

We give you more than just a personalised digital marketing forecast?
You get the tools to track, measure and boost your return on investment!

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